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  • Stichting Islamic Mercy, The Netherlands
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Ramadan Appeal

5,000.00 Needed Donation

The month of Ramadan is traditionally a month of happiness, joy, and worship spent with family and close friends. However tragic circumstances have left many Muslims without homes or even the most basic belongings.

Many have been forced from their homes leaving their cities, towns and villages far behind. Families are dispersed, scattered and sadly almost no family has been unscathed with the tragedy of losing a loved one.

Under these circumstances preparing iftar, the traditional meal for breaking the daily fast, is difficult enough yet coupled with the isolation and feelings of loneliness, leaves many mournful in an otherwise festive season.

Providing aid, shelter and food this Ramadan to displaced and recently homeless Muslims is a noble goal we can achieve with your help. We’ve set out to provide shelter and meals to hundreds of recently displaced Muslims this Ramadan.

We hope to show these families they’re not alone and provide them the opportunity to come together and eat a hot meal among friendly faces. Not only gaining the benefits of providing iftar but also lightening the hardship and suffering of Muslims while providing emotional support.

Education & Worship

The month of Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was revealed, it is a month of restraint, reflection and recitation and reading of the Book of Allah. The month in which this verse was revealed:

﴾ اقْرَأْ بِاسْمِ رَبِّكَ ﴿

﴾ Recite in the name of your Lord ﴿

We aim to make this month a time where coming together and learning, reading and reflecting on the Quran is easy for the people, to provide a centre of learning and worship, a safe and calm place where the people can gather to break their fast and for devotion while learning and increasing their knowledge and understanding.

With partnerships on the ground with local Masajid we aim to sponsor programmes that feed not only the body but the mind and Iman. With a focus on the Quran there are classes for tajweed, tafsir, memorization and also general lessons, question and answer, itakaaf, sahoor and iftaar programmes.