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  • Stichting Islamic Mercy, The Netherlands
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o2 Project

5,000.00 Needed Donation

Project O²

What is Project Oxygen?

Project O² is a new and unique project located in the refugee camps on the Turkish-Syria border. We have

set up 2 emergency tents with nebulizers and oxygen tanks for children who suffer from severe respiratory problems including chest infections and lung infections- both of which are prevalent amongst children in these areas. Additionally, it can serve as an emergency tent to treat Covid-19 patients should it arrive in this region.


Project O² was started by an aid worker whose child fell sick and required hospitalization in order to receive treatment, but found that all the hospitals were full and that there were not many options to help his child. He decided to buy a tent and the necessary equipment, and start this project for the people who need it most in order to save lives.

Future Goals:

We have around 4 million people living in these refugee camps. Our project now can be used by the 6,000 people that surround it. Our goal is to establish 10 of these tents by the end of 2020.

Is your donation really going to help?

Your donation will directly help save lives because hospitals are overcrowded meaning children in need of care often get turned away, and families in the camps can not afford their own nebulizers or treatment.

O² Project: Cost: £750 / €860